Valentine’s Day is on its Way …

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For some it’s a day full of love. For others it’s an overpriced made-up holiday and for many it’s simply a day to dread.

For many a single lady, the thought of Valentine’s Day dredges up memories of going to school and having to tell all your girlfriends how many valentine’s cards you received that morning – the one lonely card with your father’s handwriting still counts! You may even have sent yourself a card or two over the years. You may also start to recall the numerous Valentine’s Day’s you’ve spent alone with a chick flick and a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, wrapped in red ribbon, that you’ve most likely bought for yourself. Well, enough is enough! This year is going to be different.

We’ve put together a few inspiring ideas for Solo Singles this Valentine’s Day:

1. Spa Love – create a blissful bathing experience by turning your bathroom into your own spa sanctuary. Light some scented candles – massage candles are ideal – as the soy wax starts to melt away it becomes a luxury body oil perfect for rubbing into damp skin for that soft and sensual after bath feeling. Fill your bath with relaxing bath oils that will have you melting into the moment of total relaxation.

2. Spread the Love – Secret Santa Valentine’s Style. Gather your girlfriends, pick names out of a hat and agree on a budget. All gifts have to be sensual, seductive and sexy – the kind of gift you might receive on Valentine’s Day. Meet up at one of your homes to exchange and open your gifts along with a few bottles of wine and of course some girly giggles. We’ve selected a few things we would love to get from our girlfriends:

Rose Petal Soap

rose petal soap (2)

Wildest Dreams Sleepmask


Wildest Dreams Sleepmask

50 Things to Do With a Rabbit

50 things to do with a Rabbit Vibratorr


50 shades of Grey Trilogy

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

3. Find a new love – we have lots of little goodies perfect for some well deserved alone time. You too can have a night filled with passion and love – self love that is! Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s actually the best kind … … Our top 4 picks are:

Power Bullet Mini

Power Bullet - Mini

Ipo Finger Bullet


Sqweel 2

Sqweel 2




4. Give Love – Try spreading some love around by volunteering and bringing some joy and happiness to others on Valentine’s Day. You could volunteer at your local animal shelter. Everyone loves puppies! Or offer to help someone you know who may need a hand – It’s not just single ladies that feel alone on valentine’s day. Think of those who may have lost their loved ones and simply need a bit of company. And you know what they say.

5. Celebrity Love – pick your favourite movie star crush, rent all their movies, make a huge tub of popcorn and settle in for some serious eye candy.


So go on .. indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day … You deserve it!