Travelling with Sex Toys

Travelling with Sex Toys

Travelling with sex toys

Whether it’s a dirty weekend, a short break or a longer holiday you’re planning to take, some thought should be given to travelling with your toys.

Here are a few of our top tips for travelling with your sex toys:

1 – Remove batteries – it is a good idea to always remove the batteries from your toys before you pack them. This will ensure no embarrassing moments with accidentally vibrating bags! It will also help to keep your toys in perfect working order on arrival at your destination. What could be more disappointing than finding the batteries have run down when you go to use your chosen toy. For rechargeable vibrators, ensure they are set to LOCK if they have this as an option.

2 – Protect your toys – It is always a good idea to place your sex toys in a clear plastic ziplock bag – sandwich bags are ideal for this and are also nice and cheap. Keeping your toys in a sealed bag helps to keep them away from other items in your luggage, keeping the toys nice and clean and free from picking up bacteria. This is also to ensure that if your luggage were to be searched your toys would still be protected from the hands of others. Airport baggage handlers do wear gloves, but this is to protect their own hands and not the things they touch. It is far more hygienic if your toys avoid being touched by other people’s hands.

3 – Watch out for the metal – many sex toys have metal parts to them, which can and often do attract the attention of airport security officials. If you are only travelling with hand luggage, and your luggage is pulled to be opened, it is a good idea to mention this to the security officer straight away. It will avoid any embarrassing incidents occurring and avoid them whipping out your rampant rabbit in plain view of all the other passengers. You may ask to have your luggage checked in a private area and if you feel you have been unnecessarily embarrassed or victimised during airport security screening, you do have the right to make a complaint.

4 – Always take a Toy Cleaner – Despite the fact that your toys have been placed in clear plastic bags and have hopefully avoided contact with other items in your luggage, security searches and have made it safely to your destination with no issues, it is always a good idea to clean your toys thoroughly with an anti bacterial toy cleaner both before and after use. For more Sexual Health products, be sure to look in our Sexual Health product section as well as follow our Sexual Health blog posts.


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