Tickle and Delight Testimonials February 2013

Tickle and Delight Sex Toy Parties customer Feedback &Testimonials

As a growing business Tickle and Delight believes there is always room for improvement. We can always find a way to do something differently and potentially even better than before. We come face to face with hundreds of women each month and we ask for feedback at each party we do. Every piece of feedback is read and reviewed and any ideas for improving our services are taken seriously.

We’re also extremely proud of the feedback we receive, and we like to share that with our followers. It reminds us of the great job we are currently doing and of course of the laughter and education we bring to our customers.

Here’s some of our feedback from this month …


  • OMG! What a night! – Rachael


  • Great party ladies!!! – Gemma


  • Great presentation. Great Toys. Learned things I didn’t know – Kris


  • Lots of laughs – fun – interesting! Different to Tupperware! – Anon


  • It was a magic afternoon – Jan


  • Great products – very well demonstrated and discussed – Anon


  • Very informative and entertaining. Felt like I wanted one of everything – Alice


  • Fun and enjoyable. A good girls day out!!! – Bella


  • Lots of fun! Fabulous delivery! Lovely products. Thank you! – Anon



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