T.L.C. - Toy, Lubricant, Cleaner

T.L.C. means more to us than Tender Loving Care. It also stands for Toy, Lubricant, Cleaner. Taking proper care of yourself and your toys with these three things combined will enhance your sensual experience and extend the life of your purchases ultimately meaning better value for money too.

 Cleaner – Hygiene is Queen

Hygiene is Queen – Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

We use our sex toys in the most intimate of places and we want to ensure that they stay safe and clean. No matter whether your toy of choice is a dildo or vibrator, ALL your sex toys MUST be cleaned thoroughly to avoid spreading bacteria and infections. Here are Tickle and Delight’s top tips for keeping your sex toys clean:

  •  Always clean your sex toys directly before and directly after use.


  •  We recommend that you always use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner to protect both yourself and your sex toys. We suggest Lelo’s anti-bacterial cleaning spray.


  •  Never transfer your sex toys from anus to vaginal or penis area without being thoroughly cleaned. STIs are is easily spread by bodily fluids and sharing between intimate areas can lead to infection.


  •  Sharing isn’t always caring. If you have changed sexual partners it is also a good idea to change sex toys. Some sex toys (mainly jelly toys) are porous and can be difficult to thoroughly clean. If you must share a porous toy then always use a condom with these toys. Having said that, here at Tickle and Delight, we have so many fabulous toys to choose from you’re bound to find a new friend to tickle your fancy so there is really no need to share between partners.

Shop our toy cleaners here.

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Lubricant – Wetter is Always Better

Add Magic Lubricant


Lubricants are intended to aid your sensual experience with both partners and toys. They will help to enhance the sensations and will also help to reduce any friction and prevent irritation and/or tearing. All our Water based lubricants are suitable for use with our toys. Silicone based lubricants have been known to break down the materials used in silicone toys so are not recommended to be used together, but are more suited to sensual experiences in water or anal play.

For our full selection of lubricants for both toy and partner play click here.


Storage – Stay Safe

We recommend that you store your sex toys in a safe sealable, lint free bag or toy box and keep them in a safe place in between uses. Safe storage will help prevent bacteria forming on the surface of your sex toys after you’ve thoroughly cleaned them. It’s always a good idea to store your toys out of direct sunlight and always remove the batteries from battery operated toys when not in use. Store each toy separately as some materials are not compatible when stored together and can cause erosion, discolouration and melting.

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divine playchest sex toy storage

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