Skin Honey - Choc Honey

Skin Honey Choc Honey


Desire, Drizzle, Devour…

Product Description

Desire, Drizzle, Devour…

For a seductive, playful experience, drizzle this mouthwatering kissable body topping anywhere you want to kiss or be kissed.

Skin Honey is Booty Parlor’s delicious, kissable three-in-one body topping, massage gel and personal lubricant. Infused with an exotic cocktail of aphrodisiac ingredients and flavors, this edible elixir will nourish your skin and light up your libido.

Key Features

  • KISSABLE, WATER-BASED FORMULA is silky-smooth, non-sticky, and safe for intimacy.
  • HONEY EXTRACT helps maintain skin hydration to keep your body oh-so-soft.
  • GOJI BERRY is a high-powered antioxidant for a healthy body boost.
  • GINSENG energizes the mind and stimulates sensual desire.