Beginners Anal Prober

Beginners Probe


The perfect way to start anal play …

Product Description

The perfect way to start anal play …

The Beginners Anal Prober features firm jelly-like beads which graduate in size at one end, and a smooth round head at the other. An ideal beginner’s sex toy, perfect for those who are new to anal play. It’s also completely waterproof.

The dual ends of this anal toy allow for varied sensations. Start by using the beaded end, gently moving them in and out for anal stimulation. Next, try slowly inserting the round end for fuller pleasure.

As with all anal experimenting, ensure you are using a lot of good quality lubricant, and don’t forget to clean your toy thoroughly after each use. We recommend using a hygienic toy cleaner – these can be found in our hygiene section.

Key Features:

      • Length – 8 inches
      • Circumference – 4 inches
      • Fully Waterproof