Mother’s Do It Too!

Sexy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Yes, that’s right. Whether you want to believe it or not, your mother had sex to have you and she’s probaby still having it now – and you should be happy for her. Who would wish a sexless life on anyone they love?

The important question is how can you make this Mother’s Day even better? Simply by giving your mother the gift that keeps on giving – a Sex Toy! We have a whole range to choose from and are sure you will find something suitable.

If purchasing a sex toy for your mother is just too hard to handle (pardon the pun!) then how about something more sensual like a massage candle or massage oil, or maybe a seductive silk sleepmask? They are all beautiful gifts that can be used time and time again – alone or with a partner.

And if you still can’t decide what to buy for mum this year, then how about letting her choose her own gift with one of our Gift Vouchers?

Tickle and Delight Gift Vouchers - available from $25

Simply select the the amount you wish to purchase (available in denominations of $25) and don’t forget to write your message for mum in the comments section so we can make sure she receives it with her voucher.

Whatever you choose for mum this year – make sure it’s a gift that Tickles and Delights!


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