How to host the perfect hens party

Tickle and Delight hens party collage

Hosting a hens party is an honour.

Most women plan to only get married once and they choose their bridesmaids carefully. If you are one of the chosen few you should not take your hen party planning responsibility lightly.

Here are our top tips for planning the perfect hens party.

1. Plan ahead – set the date and start planning well in advance with plenty of time to spare. People get married all year round and many hens party services are booked weeks if not months in advance. Don’t forget that your friends also have busy lives so its always good to give them plenty of time to get the date in the diary and confirm they are coming.

2. Decide on a theme. All parties come together well when a theme is involved. Pick something that compliments the brides personality or just something fun and frivolous. Whatever you choose, can then be used to coordinate decorations, outfits etc.

3. If your hens party plans involve a cost per person, calculate it carefully. Often costs escalate and the organisers are left out of pocket on the day. Always try to collect the funds required well in advance – giving everyone a suitable amount of time to gather the money – and make sure you have accounted for all the activites/decorations/transport etc in advance.

4. Take advantage of packages – There is a lot of organising involved and where possible take advantage of services and packages designed specifically for hens parties. Tickle and Delight offers a hens party package ($20 per person) which involves a goodie bag for each guest filled with hen party accessories and a special bag for the bride with sash, tiara and veil, and willy treats! All this plus a sex toy party filled with games and giggles! Packages like this help save you time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere.

5. Perfect the Pecker Cake! Disposable Pecker cake tins can be purchased from only $9.99 and can be the perfect sweet treat to your party. Check out our instagram and pinterest accounts for inspiration.

Most importantly, remember that everyone is there to have a good time. So have a blast!!!!

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