Confused about buying a Sex Toy

Confused about buying a sex toy

Confused about buying a sex toy? Don't be. We're here to help.

Don’t be. Tickle and Delight are here to help when buying your first sex toy. We understand there is a lot of choice out there and it can be daunting and disorientating to try and find the most suitable sex toy for you – especially if you are buying a sex toy for the first time. This blog post is for first time sex toy purchases as well as for those who have already experienced a toy or two and are looking to learn a little more about what kind of choices you can make for yourself or your partner. So sit back, relax, and read our guide to choosing your first sex toy.

The Choice is Yours …

Buying your first sex toy can quite literally change your life. It can open you up to a whole new world of self-pleasing but most importantly help you to better understand your own body and what works for you. Choosing your first sex toy however can be a daunting and unnerving experience, and that is where we come in (pardon the pun). This guide is not going to tell you what your first sex toy purchase should be. There are too many wonderful and yet different options to choose from. Our aim here is to guide you to a better understanding of what toys are available and how they can be used so that you are well equipped to make that decision all for yourself.

Around 70% of women only reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation alone, so for most women a vibrating toy is the ideal beginners purchase.

Bullets and Egg Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators are designed for external stimulation rather than internal use and are the perfect place to start. Bullets and eggs, usually small and discreet, are surprisingly powerful for their size and price, and ideal for first time buyers. They often have multi speed options and some even have a selection of vibrating patterns, so you’ll be able to find the one that works best for you. Our favourites are the Power Bullet Mini, Ipo and Honi, both from Pico Bong and Supersex Remote Control Love Egg featuring a remote control.

Rabbit Vibrators

If you’re looking for something that stimulates the clitoral and vaginal areas simultaneously, then a deluxe or rabbit style vibrator would be the ideal purchase. Rabbit vibrators, often known as dual stimulation toys, bring you the best of both worlds. They can be easily identifiable by the rabbit feature on the front that serves to stimulate the clitoris, whilst the rotating beads in the shaft enable internal vibrations and enhance orgasms. They often come with varying speed and vibration patterns and are generally battery operated. They are more expensive than other vibrators but you do get twice the pleasure! Our rabbit vibrators include the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit and the iVibe Rabbit.

G Spot Sex Toys

G Spot dildos and vibrators are becoming ever popular. They are generally not recommended for first time buyers as the G-spot is often harder to stimulate for beginners and they generally don’t offer any clitoral stimulation, but if hitting your G-spot is what you’re looking for then take a look at the Groovy Chick

Couples Sex Toys

Introducing toys and role play into a relationship can bring a couple closer as well as allowing partners to fulfil their erotic fantasies in a safe and loving environment. Couples can start to experiment with massage oils and ticklers, or delve into restraints and bondage play, starting with bondage tape, hand cuffs and blindfolds. There are also a variety of games that can be incorporated into your relationship. For fantasies that involve a little hanky spanky, we have a selection of whips and paddles that are ideal for couples here. Be sure to follow our Blog where you can learn more about how to introduce fantasy and role play into your relationship safely.

As for the toys themselves, there are a growing number of sex toys designed to be used by couples. Many of these toys are ideal for couples looking to introduce toys for the first time. Love rings are a good place to start. Often inexpensive and discreet, they fit over the penis, helping to prolong erections and increase sensation during intercourse. The vibrating outer section stimulates the clitoris at the same time. Our Supersex Vibrating Love Ring. is ideal for first timers

We couldn’t write this section without mentioning the revolutionary we-vibe We-Vibe 3. This toy is designed to be worn by couples during sex. The we-vibe features 2 powerful motors providing clitoral stimulation at one end and internal G-Spot stimulation at the other. Men also get pleasure from this toy as the penis rubs against the vibes during love making. On top of that, the we-vibe is also perfectly suitable for use alone. Following the amazing reaction to the we-vibe, other well known brands have created their own versions and it is worth looking at the Mahana Duo Mahana Duo a more affordable, yet far simpler version. To view our full range of couples toys click here here.

From Behind

If you are experimenting with anal penetration, it is always recommended to start small and work your way into larger toys as you become more comfortable. Our suggestion for first timer’s is to start by using a well lubricated finger and progress to toys when you feel ready. Butt plugs are a good starting point. We also recommend anal beads. Beads can be used my men or women, with a partner or for solo use. They look like a string of beads, which are gently inserted one at a time. Upon reaching orgasm, the beads are pulled out creating an intense sensation. Check out our full range of anal toys.

Remember to always use lots of lubrication and it is generally advised to also use a condom to avoid the risk of infection and keep everything nice and clean.

Sexual Stimulants

There are a variety of stimulating and arousal products on the market suitable for both men and women. These are best used focused on target areas of the body i.e. nipples, clitoris etc. They create a tingling feeling when applied which often becomes warm or cool depending on the type of product you have purchased. Browse our full range of stimulating products. The most exciting arousal product we have on offer is Play O by Durex. Have you tried it yet?


Lubricants can usually be divided into two categories. Water-based lubricants are quickly absorbed into the skin and can dry up more quickly. They can be re-applied and are easily reactivated with a little water. They are not suitable for water based sexual activity i.e. hot tubs, swimming pools etc Silicone lubricants on the other hand do not absorb into the skin so often last longer than water-based options. They are generally not recommended for use with silicone toys as the silicone can start to dissolve the surface of the toys making them sticky to touch. Browse our full range of lubricants.

Sexual Hygiene

A quick note on hygiene and taking care of your sex toy. Your sex toy should be cleaned properly before and after each use to avoid bacteria and the spread of infection. Never submerge your toy in water unless it is completely waterproof. We recommend using a hygiene spray rather than soap and water as they are anti-baterial and therefore a more reliable way of keeping your toy clean. Our hygiene products can be found here.

We hope you found this guide useful and hope it helps you when making your next purchase with us at Tickle and Delight … To shop our full selection of Sex Toys click here.

If you’re still not sure which toy is for you, then don’t hesistate to get in touch and we will do our very best to help you. Tickle and Delight parties offer a chance to touch, test and learn more about the sex toys we sell in the comfort and privacy of your own home. What’s more, we even reward you with gifts for doing it. To learn more about hosting a Tickle and Delight party check out our party information page

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