All the Single Ladies – 6 Reasons Why V-Day is for you too

All the Single Ladies Valentines for single people

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. For many years I would mockingly stick two fingers up at the whole event because it was a day for lovers and not for perfectly happy single ladies. However the last few years I’ve changed my tune. I now look at Valentine’s day as a day for me too. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Single Lady and I’m about to give you my top 6 Ways to join in the festival of Love!

1. Gather the tribe – Get your single girlfriends together for a girls’ night out. Book a fancy restaurant or check into a luxurious hotel for the night, hit up a Casino, or find an exclusive late night venue to hang out. Treat yourselves to something a bit special not just a casual dinner or spot of dancing down at your local haunt. This is a special occasion. Dress up and make the most of it.

girls night out

2. Home Spa – everyone woman loves to be pampered and there’s no reason why you can’t afford to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day. Run a long bath, fill it with fabulous scented bubbles. Open a cold bottle of champagne, light some delicious massage candles, dim the lights, add a little Michael Buble and relax into a sea of self indulgence. When you finally emerge a little lightheaded partly from the heat of the water and partly from the champers, massage the oil from the candles into your still damp skin and you will wake up to sweet smelling baby softness.

Lelo Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao

3. Movie Madness – pick your favourite celebrity crush – George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper – gather their best movies and a large bag of microwave popcorn. Get into your comfiest PJs and spend the evening with your fantasy flame – remembering that you could never really do this if you weren’t single!

movie night

4. Secret Admirers – You and the single ladies pick names out of a bag just like Kris Kringle. This time though you have to shower your chosen name with Valentine’s Gifts. These can take the form of flowers and chocolates or massage oils and silk sleepmasks . You could even write some poetry … It’s up to you. The aim of the game is to make sure everyone gets to feel special and loved this V-day.

Don't Stop Massage Oil

5. Girls Night In – once again, gather the tribe only this time for a night in not out. Plan cocktails and canapes and spend the night gossiping, giggling and being girly. For a real giggle book a sex toy party and get to grips with the latest and greatest reasons why a battery operated boyfriend (B.O.B) although it can’t take out the trash, can certainly satisfy most of your needs. Why not get everyone to bring their PJs and make it into a slumber party too.

Tickle and Delight Party

6. Single and Ready to Mingle – There are plenty of single parties organised around Valentine’s Day as it is the perfect time to meet other single people. Look at dating websites to find one in your local area, grab your best wing woman and go on, get out there!

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  1. I totally agree that Valentine’s Day is for celebrating ALL the people you love, which includes yourself! The Secret Admirers idea is great… any excuse to show people you love them is a good one. :)

  2. Thanks Miranda. We love the Secret Admirers idea. It’s a simple way to make all your girlfriends feel loved on a day that sometimes makes them feel lonely.

  3. As a single lady, it’s hard not letting Valentine’s Day get to me but I’m choosing to distract myself by watching lots of Netflix. And drinking lots of wine :)

    • There’s nothing wrong with lots of wine Rashida! The more wine the better we like to say! Don’t forget to spoil yourself a little this Valentine’s Day too – you deserve it!

  4. I’m married, but my husband isn’t exactly the romantic type. These are great ideas. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romance. You can celebrate love with friends, family, and co-workers too! Little kids are great at this.

  5. These are great ideas. When I was single Valentine’s Day sort of a non-event but it doesn’t have to be!

  6. I’m so going to go with your suggestions as I’m also single this time of year. Not single per se but my husband is away for a few months :( Thanks for this post.

    • Petro there are lots of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day from afar … We now have Facetime and Skype and of course there is always snail mail. Who doesn’t love receiving a little package in the post ;) However you celebrate this year – Have a Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  7. Shoot, I love all of these, well minus the last one and I’m married.. haha

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