6 Reasons to go for the Big OH!!!

6 Reasons to go for the Big Oh

There are plenty of benefits to having an orgasm. here we pick six simple reasons why you should go for big Ohhh

1 – Makes us happier – orgasms cause the release of endorphins and this in turn makes us all happier women. Who doesn’t want to be happy???

2 – No Headaches Here – Orgasms are a proven headache cure and far more pleasurable than popping a pill. Swap ‘not tonight’ go for ‘hot tonight’

3 – Burn Calories – yes, even with a sex toy you can burn up to 114 calories over a 10 minute period. Is there a more enjoyable way??

4 – Better Sleep – well the happy afterglow of an easy to reach climax can send us into an undisturbed slumber. If you have trouble sleeping, have small children or simply have a hectic schedule then you will appreciate just how much of a luxury sleep is.

5 – Live Longer – an orgasm a day can add up to four years to our life. Enough said we think.

6 – Reduce Stress – yes, orgasms help to alleviate stress and release tension. What better way to unwind at the end of a long day than with a rather pleasurable and relaxing massage?!

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  1. Tickle and Delight says:

    Hey Bonnie, Great to see you here. Hooray for sex toys indeed! We love what you’re doing over on your blog. Really great articles. T&D

  2. This is so great. Your blog and your site are so positive and healthy and needed. I’m here as part of our SITS tribe and I am so glad we’ve been matched the way we have. There’s some great sites in our tribe. :)

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