20% OFF for Masturbation May 2014

Treat yourself on us and indulge in some Self Love to celebrate Masturbation May.   We're giving you 20% OFF all purchases online for … [Read more...]


Five Healthy Reasons to Masturbate

Masturbation is Healthy

1 – Masturbation is Safe Sex. Indulging in some self stimulation will not pass on any infections or diseases thereby keeping your sexual health in … [Read more...]

How to have the Mother Daughter Sex Chat

How to have Mother Daughter Sex Talk

The Mother Daughter Sex chat is something we either didn't get ourselves, and often wished we did, or something we cringed through at the time but are … [Read more...]

Tickle and Delight Testimonials April 2014

Sex toy parties testimonials

As a growing business Tickle and Delight believes there is always room for improvement. We can always find a way to do something differently and … [Read more...]