12 Reasons You Should Own a Sex Toy

12 Reasons you should own a sex toy

Sex Toys have evolved into luxury premium products over the last few years and many of them look nothing like you imagined. In fact, the choice is so vast you may need a little help to guide you through the options available today.

1 – Knowledge and Understanding – the more we experiment the more we come to understand what works and what doesn’t. How could we possibly start to explain to someone else what feels good if we don’t actually know ourselves?

2 – Orgasms – well if that isn’t reason enough, using a sex toy can help us achieve longer lasting, more enjoyable orgasms with less time and frankly less effort.

3 – Increased libido – some women experience periods of low libido and a down turn in our sex drive. Using a sex toy can help to pick us up and get our juices flowing again.

4 – Spice It Up – introducing sex toys into a relationship can help make things a little more exciting in the bedroom by exploring and experimenting.

5 – Curiosity – there’s no better way to find out what they’re all about than to try them out for ourselves.

6 – Fulfilling a Fantasy – living out our 50 Shades of Grey fantasies in the privacy of our own home. What could be more thrilling?

7 – Avoiding Rejection – it is often the case that women have a higher sex drive than our male partners and being rejected for wanting sex can be very upsetting not to mention frustrating too. Sex toys can help alleviate this issue by fulfilling the same desire without the fear of rejection.

8 – No Partner – No Problem. Whilst a sex toy can’t mow the lawn or kiss you goodnight, it can certainly fill the physical void of not being in a relationship.

9 – Staying in Touch – long distance relationships can suffer due to a lack of physical contact. The use of sex toys allows couples who are separated by distance to still engage in some sexy time whilst distance forces them apart.

10 – No Headaches Here – Orgasms are a proven headache cure and far more pleasurable than popping a pill.

11 – Burn Calories – yes, even with a sex toy you can burn up to 114 calories over a 10 minute period. Is there a better way to burn calories?

12 – Improved Pelvic Health – there are some toys that are specifically designed to work and strengthen our kegel muscles which in turn can help increase the intensity of our orgasms. Luna beads are a perfect example of sex toys designed for our sexual health.

Sex toy parties are the ideal way to learn more about the toys on offer and what they can actually do for you, whilst getting together with your girlfriends and having a good old giggle at the same time. A fun way to celebrate a birthday, a hens party, a housewarming, finding yourself suddenly single and/or just divorced or simply a good girly get together.

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  1. Yes!! Sex toys are definitely a must have. Stopping by from your SITS tribe…can’t wait to read more.

  2. The first time I got a sex toy I was so embarrassed! I was scared to buy it, scared to use it. I totally agree with all of your tips

    • Hi Rachee,

      It can be a bit embarrassing the first time. You should try out one of our parties next time. They’re a great way to learn about the different toys on offer and their features and benefits before you commit to buying one. That way you’ll know you’re really buying the right toy for you. Our Consultants are well trained to help guide you to the right choice. :)

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